Gun rights get a victory in court

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on Chicago’s handgun ban, and it came away with a 5-4 decision against the city. Basically, the ruling was that states and cities can’t enact laws that strip a citizen’s right to own firearms.

Here’s my radio show on that subject:

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2 Responses to Gun rights get a victory in court

  1. wingerx says:

    As I learned last semester, this ruling means the 2nd Amendment is now incorporated, meaning it now applies to state governments as well as the federal government. It seems kind of odd (to me) that it was possible that any part of the Constitution wouldn’t apply to the states – especially after the 14th Amendment – but that’s exactly what we had/have.

    One curious side-note is that the SCOTUS might have inadvertently incorporated all amendments, though you might have to have an interest in constitutional law (or be a law student) to actually care beyond the 2nd Amendment issues…

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