Protect your ears, but still hear what’s going on

I’ve wanted a pair of electronic earmuffs for a long time, and I finally got a set. I bought a pair of Pro Ears Stalker Gold muffs, and they’re fantastic.

Here’s today’s show on that subject:

TGO 100712 MON ActiveMuffs NOAD

Pro Ears are made in the USA, and they have independent active suppression on both sides, rather than a speaker on one side and a mic on the other. I got mine for half price, but if you do any shooting, they’re worth the full retail value.

If you’re shooting louder rifles, you might want a beefier pair. The Stalker Gold model is tapered at the bottom to allow you to mount your shotgun without bumping them, but they lose a little bit of sound suppression because of it. I wouldn’t shoot my muzzle-break-equipped .270 with them without a set of earplugs, too. My next earmuff purchase will probably be the Pro Tac Mag Gold, and those will be great for the high-powered stuff.

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