The perfect outdoors vehicle? Well, maybe not.

Range Rover has teamed up with Overfinch and the legendary gun maker Holland & Holland to create … well, something nobody really needs. But it’d still be fun to have, if you have nearly a quarter-million bucks laying around. Dream about it while listening to today’s installment of The Great Outdoors.

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One Response to The perfect outdoors vehicle? Well, maybe not.

  1. wingerx says:

    I saw this episode of Top Gear.

    My first thought wasn’t how cool the vehicle was (which was considerable)…

    …my first thought was about how, err, awkward it would be to keep calling someone to keep replenishing the scotch supply in your vehicle. Not the washer fluid, not even the fuel, but the booze. I’m guessing Land Rover makes this offer because they don’t think anyone in their right mind will call to say something like, “Would you mind running by tomorrow? My, uh, truck – that’s right not me, but my truck – has run out of whiskey. Again.”

    Anyway, the vehicle itself looked quite impressive, and I’ll offer free rides up and down the hill of your choice if I ever acquire one.

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