Keep your guns out of the wrong hands

The best way to protect your firearms from theft or damage is to invest in — and use — a good gun safe. A safe can be pretty pricey, but it’s money well spent. If you’re more concerned about theft than you are about fire ratings, you can get by with a less expensive model. And there are effective ways to keep them from being stolen or used improperly without spending much money at all, too. Click here to listen to today’s show for more tips about keeping your guns safe.

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2 Responses to Keep your guns out of the wrong hands

  1. wingerx says:


    1: Remember to pay to have your gun safe delivered – it’ll end up being more than worth the cost. Those things are heavy, and you’ll alienate every friend you ask to help move one.

    2: I’m curious about the court cases you mentioned and the appellate processes for them. Do you have the case names handy?

  2. You’re darn right, wingerx. Pay the extra dough to have the pros do the moving.

    As for the cases, I don’t have the specific information in the notes I have handy. I’ll try to track those down and give you more detail. The two I have mentions of in my notes are from way back in 1999 or 2000 — shortly after the Columbine shooting.

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