Here’s hoping my dad’s new ears work

A few years ago, I was disheartened by my dad’s diminishing hearing while we were on an elk hunt. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten until an elk bugled … and Dad didn’t hear it. But now he’s waiting his turn to have the Esteem Implantable Device put in one of his ears, and if it restores his hearing on that side, he’ll go back for the other ear.

This is exciting for me, because it’ll let him fully enjoy the hunt again. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to know there are elk bugling all around you, but to be unable to hear them.

After he gets his surgery, but before the hunting season comes around again, he and I are planning to have another adventure. We’re going to spend a couple of days at the Front Sight shooting school. Listen to today’s show to find out why I feel so honored to have had my dad ask me to help him break in his new ear by firing thousands of rounds from a Magnum handgun mere inches from the freshly repaired ear.

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