What do you get a 7-year-old who wants everything?

A bow would be a good present for my youngest son on his birthday today, or possibly a BB-gun. Unfortunately, his brother’s about to outgrow a bow that Logan could use, so that’s out, and there’s no way on Earth I’d trust that kid with a BB-gun. I looked back on Logan’s first seven years while I was trying to come up with a good birthday present, and I’ll tell you about it on today’s show.

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Wildfires make for incredible sunsets

Solar eclipse and incredible sunset

I didn’t catch a good image of the solar eclipse Sunday night, but I did get a nice shot of the incredible sunset. There are bound to be several more like this as the wildfire season continues.

Wildfires obviously cause a lot of damage, and they can be scary if they come close to where you’re camping — even more if they’re burning near your house.But they do have some positive effects.

One of those benefits is the sunsets they create. Listen to today’s show for more about what wildfires do for us.

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The ability to get lost may be genetic

You can learn how to get lost in the woods, but to truly excel at it, I think you have to have a natural inclination for it. I’m lucky to have been born with the gene for getting lost, and also to have a father who shows me new and inventive ways to do it every time we venture into the woods. Listen to today’s show for some tips on improving your ability to get lost.

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The kids finally have a rifle of their own

I got my oldest son a lever-action .22 a few years ago, but until he grows a little bit more, I’ll be shooting it a lot more than he does. That’s not true of the new gun I got my boys. Listen to today’s show to find out why it took me a while to get excited about it, but also why I’m more excited about a gun I have no hope of shooting than any of the guns I can shoot.

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An off-road station wagon? Believe it.

I drove a Volvo XC60 last week, and it surprised me in a number of ways. This station wagon on steroids was fantastic on the highway, but it was quite surprising on the forest roads, too. Listen to today’s show for a review of the XC60.

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Don’t let your gun beat you up

My trap team captain is also a shooting instructor, and she saw me getting knocked around by my shotgun at the shooting range. She told me what she tells her students when she’s teaching them how to shoot: Never stay in an abusive relationship. That’s good advice for life, and it’s also true for shooting. Listen to today’s show to find out what I did about that relationship with my shotgun, and how to figure out if you’re in a bad firearm relationship, as well.

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A gun’s got to fit if you want to hit

It took me far too long, but I finally figured out one of the reasons I can’t seem to get better at the trap range. There may be other problems, like a total lack of natural ability, but I can’t do much about that. I could do something about how my shotgun fit me, though, and on today’s show, I’ll tell you how I figured it out and what I did about it.

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